Fort Wilderness

Often rated as the best Florida campground in the area, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort offers its guests over 750 acres of land chock-full of pools, arcades, family-friendly restaurants, and camping sites. Combine these great campground amenities with the modern features of a Greenberg Rent A Camper RV rental and you’ve got a recipe for a great family vacation. Spend quality time with your loved ones at Walt Disney World® Resort and around the campfire. You only live once, so make sure you make the most of it. Contact us at 407-668-8980 and reserve a travel trailer rental for your next adventure into Orlando FL.

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Delivery to Disney Fort Wilderness

When planning your vacation, remember that Greenberg Rent A Camper offers delivery on all available RVs. That’s right—every one of our travel trailers can be brought directly to your Fort Wilderness campsite and set up. We also offer the typical pick-up-and-tow process of RV renting. Bring the trailer or camper to any location you desire, and return it when your rental period has ended.

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Fort Wilderness – How It Works

1. Call us (Greenberg Rent a Camper) to find out what trailers are available for the days you plan to stay at Fort Wilderness.

2. If we have trailers available, call Fort Wilderness at (407) 939-6244 and reserve your campsite.

3. Next, call us back at (407) 668-8980 and we will confirm your reservation. We will send you a confirmation email containing a reservation number, reservation deposit amount due, and other details about your reservation.

4. Upon receiving the confirmation email, the reservation deposit is due and can be paid on our website via PayPal. The reservation deposit amount will be subtracted from the total cost of your rental, and the balance will be due on your rental start date.

5. Customers of Fort Wilderness and Greenberg Rent A Camper can call Disney Guest Connection Team Services at 407-824-2727 to note that Greenberg is approved to deliver and set up rental campers on their reserved campsite. We may deliver your camper before your arrival or no later than 1PM on the rental start date. Please contact us with details pertaining to your flight and traveling schedule so that we can plan all deliveries accordingly and without delays.

Note: If the reservation deposit is not paid within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation email, the reservation is no longer guaranteed. The reservation deposit is refundable only if the reservation is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the reservation start date.

Call or text us at (407) 668-8980 with your campsite number as soon as it is provided to you. We no longer call Fort Wilderness for campsite numbers because of their recent changes in policies for rental companies. All trailers will be delivered after 1 PM based on a first-call basis and the rental start date. Please allow a window of at least two hours for delivery, once the campsite number has been provided to Greenberg Rent A Camper. We will do our best to inform you of the estimated time of delivery. Please note that campsites must have “ready” status for delivery. Starting today all future reservations are subject to $75.00 delivery and pick up fee regardless of length of rental.

Disney World

The main reason you came to Orlando was to experience the magic of Disney World. Having an RV delivered to the most impressive Disney World campground is just a perk. As the ultimate destination for family vacations, Disney has hundreds of activities, rides, and sights to impress all ages. Snap some photos of your kids with their favorite Disney characters. Memories may fade, but pictures last a lifetime. You’ll also be surprised at how much fun an adult can have at a children’s theme park.

Come to Greenberg Rent A Camper when you need to up the ante on your family vacation to Florida. We have numerous RV rental options, including the newest travel trailer models and various extra amenities, to give you and your family the comforts of home at a Disney campground. We’re readily available to answer any and all questions pertaining to our RVs and services, and we ensure our customers have all the resources necessary to make their vacation one to remember. For more information about our rentals and delivery services, or to reserve your rental, contact us at 407-668-8980. You can also read through our policies and FAQs for pricing information.

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