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At Greenberg Rent A Camper, we have made it our goal to transform your family vacation into something fantastic that the entire group can remember for years to come. With an affordable travel trailer rental, you have every opportunity to pack that family photo album with memories. Take a trip in our rental trailer to enjoy the comforts of home while on the road in Orlando, Florida. We have a large variety of trailers for rent, all of which include the most modern amenities and features.

For more information about our RV rentals and trailer rentals, as well as our delivery service, contact us at 407-668-8980.

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Freedom Express – 2014 Coachmen Liberty Edition 320 BHDS
Torque – 2015 Heartland Torque 290
GULLIVER – 2014 Coachmen 363 QBDS
Bella Vita – 2014 Coachmen 333 BHKS
Buena Vista – 2013 Coachman Catalina Deluxe 32 TSBH
Belvedere – 2013 KZ Sportsmen 331 BH
Pathfinder – 2014 Coachmen Catalina 303 FQB
Grand Melbourne – 2013 KZ Sportsmen 322 BHK
Sun Seeker – 2015 Coachmen Catalina 32 BHDS
Challenger – 2014 Coachmen 293 DDS
North Bay – 2014 Echo 32 BHDS
Melbourne – 2013 KZ Sportsmen 314 BHK
Monte Carlo – 2013 KZ Sportsmen 301 BH
Daytona – 2013 Coachmen Santara 302 BHCK
View Finder – 2014 Cruiser 24 SD
Trail Blazer – 2015 Coachmen Catalina 273 DBS
Ameri-Lite – 2013 Gulf Stream 259 BH
Explorer – 2014 Coachman g
Voyager – 2013 Gulfstream 275 FBG
Piccolo – 2014 Coachmen 212 BH
Visa – 2011 Gulfstream 19 ERD

Rental Policies

  • Taxes and fees (equaling 14%) are not included in the prices above.
  • There is a rental deposit (equal to the daily rate of the RV) required at the time of reservation. More information about this can be found in the “Reservation Process” section below.
  • A $25.00 Waste Tank Servicing and Sanitation fee is applied to every rental term.
  • All 2 day reservations must be booked less than 45 days prior to the rental date.
  • 2 day rentals and are not available on the weekends.
  • We offer a delivery, pickup, and setup service to Fort Wilderness Campground. We charge a flat rate of $75.00. Please note that we also provide this service for other locations, but charge an additional fee of $4.00/mile (one-way).

*$75 delivery to Ft. Wilderness.
*Optional equipment package includes 4 camping chairs, an outside rug, a salad bowl, steak knives, cutting boards, measuring cups and strainers.
*Portable washing machine available upon request.

Reservation Process

When you decide to rent an RV in Orlando, simply submit the form on the right side of this page. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, letting you know if we are able to accommodate you during that rental period. Once confirmed, you will be required to pay a deposit equal 20% of total rental charge ($150 minimum). This deposit is refundable if cancellation requests are made more than 30 days in advance.

Note: We do not guarantee your reservation until we have received the deposit, but will hold your requested RV for 24 hours only.

Waste Tanks

You are not required to empty your “black” and “grey” water tanks; it is covered under our Waste Tank Servicing and Sanitation fee.

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Why Rent a Trailer from Us?

In addition to our late-model, affordable trailer rentals, Greenberg Rent A Camper makes the reservation process simple for customers. We accept reservations via telephone or email, and we are always quick to respond to inquiries. When contacting us, simply provide us with a range of dates and the trailer rental you’re interested in, and we’ll tell you what is available. Upon placing a reservation, you’ll be required to pay a small deposit that is deducted from the balance after the camper trailer rental has been picked up or delivered.

Greenberg Rent A Camper offers our customers the classiest vacation RVs and travel trailer rentals. Reconnect with your family and experience your vacation inside a camper that feels like home. Contact us at 407-668-8980 to reserve your trailer rental today. We look forward to adding fun and convenience during your traveling excursion.